Sunday, August 31, 2014

First tooth... gone!

Though Griggs came to us with two missing teeth,
(with only the gap big enough for one tooth).
We have no idea about what happened...
Did they get knocked out?
Did they never grow in to begin with?

But we do know what happened to this one!

While I was taking back to school photos of some of the kids
Elijah pulled it for him!

No worries - it was loose 
and really,
he pulled it on purpose!

Griggsy was so happy to be one of the gang 
and have a tooth come out!

But WOW!!!
When he say his first tooth fairy dollar!!!

Now that's a good deal!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

One Love Tee's

We have a few One Love Tee's still available!!

We have cut the cost the cost of each tee to $12 -
$10 for the tee 
and $2 for shipping! 

Thank you for helping us bring our precious daughter home!

These are the sizes we have!

Large  (14-16) - we have 2 available

Large - we have 8 available

Thank you so much for helping us!
Every penny counts to the life of our daughter!

you can donate by using the Paypal button on the right side of our blog,
or you can email me at 
and we can set up a payment that is works for you. 

Friday, August 29, 2014


Thank you!
Thank you! 
Thank you Jesus!!!!

After much drama,
We are sooo incredible thankful to have finally been told
that our adoption paperwork is Logged in to China!!! 

This is a huge step!! 

Still more huge steps to go!!
We're still looking at 4-6 months before we hold our precious daughter

But at least our paperwork is now on the correct continent!!!
And for that we are incredibly grateful!!

Baby girl, 
Momma, Baba and all of your brothers and sisters
can't wait to meet you!!

Got to get a smile on that precious face!! 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

A year ago...

A year ago this week,
Hagan and I rushed to the ER with the encouragement from Hagan's orthopedic doctor.

We had been told before that Hagan's spine was healthy 
and that he did not have compression of the spine,
that is common in Little People with Achondroplasia Dwarfism.

Hagan had begun to show symptoms of compression...

we took him in,
got an MRI and had emergency decompression surgery on August 26, 2013.

What a whirlwind week that was!!!

My heart broke into a million pieces,
as they wheeled him away.
We were still building trust and a bond,
how would he trust me again when I let him
have this surgery and have to recover from this major surgery.

When the doctor came out of the extra long surgery 
with tears in his eyes,
telling me that Hagan is a miracle!
That with the condition his spine was in,
he should not have made it home.

I've always known he was a miracle boy,
but when a surgeon confirms your feelings medically...
it brings this momma to her knees.

Thankful that HE brought my boy home!

Recently we received a report that his hearing is decreasing,
and we are talking another set of tubes 
and hearing aids. 

This broke my heart!!! 
Seriously, like he needs anything else to look different then anyone else.

And then a few days later, 
we had our follow-up appointment with his neurosurgeon...
and the results of his MRI from this summer.

Again, broke my heart!!!

Hagan has pinched nerves all down his lower spine.
 Causing constant, excruciating pain for my boy. 

Seriously, how does - have a smile on his face?
How does he get around?
How does he laugh and sing?
How does he have such a silly personality?
How does he have the energy to do anything -
I would be the biggest whiner e.v.e.r.!!! 

This boy is truly amazing!

He will be getting his second set of tubes in a few weeks,
and next week we meet with another doctor
concerning his spine.
Though we are looking at traveling to another specialist,
one who is more familiar with his wonderful, complex body.

Prayers are muchly appreciated!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Do we get one or not?

From the day Hagan came home we questioned if we should get a disabled placard for parking.
 As we've learned how wonderfully made Hagsns little body is
the answer was clear. 

Because I can be an airhead and disorganized at times,
Imagine that! Haha!!
I finally went to get the placard.

Thinking I would be excited for this assistance,
But instead,
I was incredibly sad.

My son doesn't see himself as "disabled"!
He can do anything his body allows him to do! 

But as far as walking distances,
That in itself is a chore.

And have you ever walked in a parking lot?
Crazy! Crazy! Right?
Imagine being an independent almost 7 year old 
And not 3 feet tall.
Your mom is constantly stressed that some driver won't see you
and will run you over!
Stress for everyone! 

Personally, I think there should be a special placard for
Any momma with 5 or more kids under the age of 10!! 

Parking lots scare this momma to death!!
Be careful y'all!! 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Back to school

How is it that 3 weeks ago 
the kids were crying because they weren't ready
to go back to school,
and momma was soooooo ready for 
them to go to school,
and then 

Hagan's off to kindergarten!

on the first day of school...

Elijah is off to 1st grade

the kids are ready, 

Jailyn is in 3rd grade!

and momma is crying her eyes out!

Goof ball Donovan is off to 3rd grade too!

How they have grown!! 

Jorja is in 4th grade!

I'm so proud of each and everyone of them!!

Conner is a sophomore!

And Kenzie even sent mom a first day of school pic!
She's such a good girl!

Freshman year of college!

Griggs goes to pre-school next week.
I get to hold on to him a little longer!

and Brady starts today...
but I will get a photo of him too! 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Boys and recyclables!

  With 11 people in our house we usually have 
a pile of recyclable products 
in the corner.
A little trash can is not big enough - 
so there is a pile that gets taken out once a day,
if I'm lucky!

If it is left there too long - 
then my kiddo's 
may just get into it.

that is not a bad thing...

'cause creativity explodes!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

your pace or mine?

I'm starting a new exercise program -
and boy do I need it!!

I have been excited to join some friends 
for the 75 miles in 35 days campaign!
Today was day 2,
I went to bed on time,
got up early 
and was ready to go...

out ran Elijah from our room,
"Momma, I get dressed.
I go with you."

Ummmmm - 
so not what I had planned! 

I also knew that if I told him "no" -
then I would have an insecure little boy on my hands all day long,
so I said with a fake smile on my face, 
"okay, get dressed."

It's amazing how God can turn a fake smile into a 
sweet sweet time with my boy!

He was so excited to go with me,
and to my surprise did not move as fast as I hoped!
Usually, I can't keep up with him!

We had a good talk about his new school 
and his new teacher,
we checked out the ants that were crossing the sidewalk,
and chatted about the neighbors dogs too. 
And stopped by the playground and the pond.

As we walked and I encouraged him to catch up -
I had to stop and think... 
maybe it was me who needed to slow down.

I need to take life at his pace -
I need to take his healing at his pace,
not at my pace,
or the pace that I want him too -
or the pace I expect him to heal at.

But to really, slow down and let him lead.

Who knew that though I really wanted to be alone and 
spend time in prayer -
that God had a much more important lesson for me!
And he blessed me with this sweet time with my boy!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Hagan had a hearing test in May,
he had lost the tube in his right ear,
but the left tube was still in.
His hearing had declined from when he first had his
tubes put in.

Yesterday, we went to have another hearing test,
the tube in the left ear was still in.

He failed the hearing test.
(severe hearing loss in the right ear.)

Lots of wax and fluid.

So, it's another set of tubes...

and another hearing test.

Discussion about setting Hagan with hearing aides
has begun.

Hoping and praying these procedures will help!

Sunday, August 17, 2014


I can't believe my baby turned 4!!!
(he's been waiting 2 months to wear this shirt!)

Griggsy is one amazing blessing in our family!

What a true gift he is!

Giggly Griggsy is what we call him!
Even when he is mad,
he is easy to get laughing - 
course then he gets mad because he is supposed to be pouting...
and well,
he just can't keep that pout going when there 
is someone to laugh with!

The other day I was leaving the house for a bit,
and he came running to me...

"kiss an hug!!! kiss an hug!!!"

Melt my heart!
I can't get enough of this boy!!!

and neither can anyone else!
These are some of Griggs' biggest fans!

and who can resist a party hat!!!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Family Day!

One of my goals last September when I started my new business 
with Plexus -
was that I would be able to treat the entire family to 
a day a near by water park!
And guess where we went a few days ago!!!

the entire family was there!!!
even our "honorary son" Alex!

Dad was able to take the day off,
which made it extra special!

I think this face says it all!!!

And to see this boy,
run around the kids area,
without a care in the world!!!!

I love to see him be independent!!!!

Needless to say,
this boy was in heaven!!

Barely stopping to eat lunch -
Elijah had the best day e.v.e.r.!!!
Have I ever told you how much he loves water! 

Dad loves water parks too! 
(Mom not so much - but I was happy to stay in the kid area and 
hang out with Elijah, Hagan and Griggs!)

Jailyn is finally 48'ish inches tall 
and able to ride some rides!!!
Ohhhh happy day!!!

Dad and Jailyn

Jorja and Kenzie

Brady and Alex spent most of their day in the Lazy River!
Needless to say -
Brady got more sun that he had expected -
especially on his feet. 

Captured this beauty,
when she was running from one slide to another!

Sweet girl,
helped momma with the younger kids! 
It's been a long, emotional summer for this girlie -
but she is getting back to her sweet, spunky self!!

And these two are inseperable!
Ohhhh how are they going to be a part from each other 
when Kenzie leaves this next week for college. 
sniff! sniff!!

We all had smiles on our faces all day!!! 
We needed this!!!


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