Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Another option!!!

We are excited to add another t-shirt design 
to our fund raising!!! 

Faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance 
about what we do not see.
Hebrews 11:1

FAITH - is Laynee's middle name!

The poppy flowers on the front have special meaning too.
Miles "John" is named after my father,
who was called to heaven before meeting 11 of his 12 grandkids.
But they all know him by his grandpa nickname of "poppy".

This scripture verse is one of my favorite verses.
Though we don't know God's plan, 
we can be assured that HE is in control
and has a plan
far beyond what we could think of. 

Like our Superman tee's we will be holding our first round of sales until June 1st.
And have a goal of 75 tee's for each design!
The Faith tee's can be ordered in regular fit or fitted.
Superman tee's are only regular fit.
They are both soft fabric tee's, very comfortable!

Thank you for your support!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Miles turned 3!

When I first saw my boys photo 2 years ago,

I couldn't imagine missing one of his birthdays!

We've now missed 3!

This year we celebrated a world a part - 
but never, ever again buddy!!!

This was your last birthday 
without your forever family!! 

We're sooo excited to get you home
and celebrate the amazing treasure that you  are
every single day!!!
(though there probably wont be cake every day -
but with our over-sized family,
there is a lot of birthday cakes throughout the year!)

FYI - our fundraising to help bring Miles and Maklayne home is still going on!
June 1st is our last day to take orders. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Superman was adopted!!!

We are so excited to announce our 
t-shirt fundraiser!!!

Isn't that so cool!!

Fund the Nations has done an amazing job
of designing this for us!! 

You can go to our 
Gofundme account 
to place your order,
and make your donation.

Our goal is 75 shirts by June 1st!

Thank you so much for helping us bring our babies home!!
We are so grateful for each and every gift!!
To God be the glory!

Ohhhh my goodness!!!
They are just too cute!!!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Jailyn says, "Never quit!"

Jailyn had her gymnastics State competition 
this saturday,
and though she did really well -

it was more than her medals 
that brought this momma to tears!

Last year's state meet was a rough one!

Jailyn and I were focused on her upcoming 
We were both really nervous and 
sometimes it's just hard to focus on doing any flips!

After Jai's craniofacial and bone graft surgery,
she was out of gymnastics for 3 months.

(Jai's bear, "whitney" in her 2014 state t-shirt)

When she finally got back to the gym,
she was very nervous about hurting her hip
and mouth.

She has spent the year fighting back!

She has had many, many ups and down!!!!

Struggling through the long work out hours,
when she just wanted to stay home and play
with her friends.

She absolutely loves this sport,
but the emotional ride can be a rough one on a 9 year old!

But she never gave up!!

She saw friends achieve their goals 
and be successful,
she was always happy for them but often struggled 
through the tears, asking me 
if the sacrifice will be worth it?
I tried to tell her that "what if?"
What it she quit now,
just when all of her work was about to pay off.
Of course she had to make that decision.

After meeting with her coach, 
she decided that she would commit to another year!
And work her hardest to succeed at the State meet!

But that darn beam,
was her nemesis!!!  
Falling at least once at each meet 
(which she hadn't done in seasons before). 

And that she did!!! 
All of her events were the strongest she has ever done!

Bars 8.90 - 6th place!!!

Beam 9.225 - 2nd place!
Her nemesis!!!!

2nd place, y'all!!!!

Floor 9.075 - 6th place!!! 

Vault 9.275 - 8th place!!!

When I had realized that she had made the podium for
every event -
I thought maybe she will get something for

And she did!!!
She got 3rd Place!!!

This girl was ecstatic!!!
And her momma was in tears!!!

Jailyn has taught me so much since the first day I held her
in Nanjing China!
But today, she reminded me
to never give up!
Never quit!!

God has given us all such amazing talents and gifts,
sometimes we have to dig deep
to get through the bumps in the road -
but when we stay focused
we will succeed!!

To God be the glory!!
We are so thankful to HIM for bringing
our little champion home to us!

Monday, April 27, 2015

emotionally torn...

The moment through the China adoption process that 
we have been waiting has come...

we received our 

Travel Approval!!! 

This is the 2nd to last step before travel!!!

Sooooo exciting!!!
We are dying to hold Maklayne Faith and Miles John!

The only problem is that we have commitments
that cannot be changed
over the next 2 months-
so we have to wait to bring our babies home.

Yes, this is killing us!

We are trying to stay focused,
but it is so hard!!

Every day is so important to these kids!

Important to their healing,
important to their health,
soooo important!!!! 

We parent children that we know would be better 
off emotionally had we been able to get to them quicker.

but, when we have no control over 
the situation -
it is very, very hard!!

I know this doesn't make sense to many,
and if you know me at all - 
you know that I would jump on that plane tonight
if I could.
but, our commitments are no surprise to God.
It is HIS ministry.
There is a reason we need to wait,
even though we don't understand. 

As I type this through tears, I can hardly see what I have typed,
 for the next two months we will cling to HIS promises...

Jeremiah 29:11 
"For I know the plans I have for you,"
declares the Lord,
"plans to prosper you and not to harm you,
plans to give you hope and a future."


We try to get at least one photo with Bluebonnets a year!

And this year, 
we got lucky,
the kids dressed nicely for church
(all on their own!)

the weather was a bit overcast,
so we drove to the nearest patch 
and snapped a few pics!

I only had my phone -
but had we gone home to get my nice camera...
tummies would have been rumbling'!

Gotta get the photo
when the photo is available!!!

I can't believe how big my kiddos are getting!!!

And Hagan decided that this was a good day 
to learn how to tie his shoe!!

Friday, April 24, 2015

4 years ago...

4 years ago 
we met these two incredible boys!!


How our lives have changed!!

They have changed us forever!!!

It was an amazing week that we were able to spend with them,
getting to know them just a little more every day!
Never did we image what God had in store for us 
over the next 4 years -
but we are incredibly thankful to have these incredible boys 
call us "family"!

we had to leave them for 2 months
but we got back to them as soon as
our paperwork allowed!!! 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

One step closer!!!

I woke to a sweet, sweet email today!!! 

Our paperwork for our babies 
reached the next stage!!!

Article 5 has been issued!!!

What does this mean?

It means we are one step closer to our babies!!!

Two more steps to go 
and then we can confirm 
travel arrangements!

Please pray for our kiddos!
Praying God is preparing them for this huge change!
Praying they are happy and healthy!
Pray for us as we confirm travel
and make plans for the kids at home.
Momma is getting anxious!!! 
I just can't wait to hold these precious babes!!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Addicted to adoption?

Soon we will be celebrating 4 years 
since we first met Donovan and Elijah!!!

I get nostalgic as we approach the anniversary 
of all of our children's first meetings 
and family days,
and the precious photos,
the only glimpse we had of our children 
before meeting them.

This year is a little harder because we are missing 
Laynee and Miles something awful!!

 The other day, Donovan came out of school,
got in the car and said...
"I can't wait until July!"

I was kind of confused because his birthday is in June,
and this is about the time he starts talking about his bday!

I asked him, "why July?"

He answered,
"Because you and Daddy will bring home 
Laynee and Miles!
I can't wait to meet them!!"

Ohh how I love his heart!! 

I think my younger kids "get it" more than most people.

They remember the wait 
for their family to come get them.
They remember the pain of being alone,
and of being scared at night.
The pain of hunger in their tummies, 
and for some of them the pain 
of physical abuse. 

They amaze me at how they can decide to love,
and trust.
(even though some take longer than others!)

Jorja, who doesn't like physical contact at all,
ran up to me the other day 
and about tackled me with a bear hug!!!!

I was shocked!!!!

(We usually get a high-five or fist bump.
Once in a while, we can get a side hug.
But, if that is all she can do - then we will work with that.)

Since the day she gave me that BIG hug - she has been giving me hugs everyday!

Today, she gave me another big ole' hug -
and said,
"That feels good!
I didn't think that would ever feel good."

It can take a time - 
but it is worth it!!

We are often asked if we are addicted to adoption...
I guess in a way we are! 

Addicted to seeing hope enter the eyes of our children 
who once had no hope.
Addicted to sharing the love of Christ with our children
who had never felt the love of Christ.
Addicted to being a wild and crazy family -
who learn and grow together!!!

But, believe me - every adoption journey is different,
and definitely comes with a bit of fear!
Fear of the unknown!! 
We are nothing special - 
but our GOD is bigger than any challenges that we may face!

We can't wait to bring Laynee and Miles home in July!

Laynee has many medical questions in her file-
but thankfully none of them are a surprise to God.
We are excited to see HIM work miracles with our little girl!

Some questions have come up recently about Miles too,
but we know that God has everything under control!!

If you would like to help us on our journey to 
bringing them home we would truly appreciate 
your prayers, please pray 
as we prepare the kids at home,
pray that Laynee and Miles are getting the care that they both need,
and that their hearts are prepared to meet us.

If you would like to help us with our adoption fee's 
we would truly appreciate your donations too.

Each Puzzle piece represents a donation of $10.
We will add your name to the puzzle!
(Lots more puzzle pieces left!! ) 

You can donate on the paypal button on the side of our blog.
We truly appreciate every donation
and especially every prayer!!

Thank you so much for joining us on this journey 
to our "babies"!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


This boy!!!! 

We are speechless!
Which I guess is good because then 
we just give God all the glory!!!

Our boy was so excited to be in his school program!

Normally, when Elijah gets excited 
he also gets anxious 
(which he did),

and unable to focus on anything else
(which he did),

and is unable to regulate himself 
and have a hard, hard time...
which he DIDN'T!!!!!

It has not been easy!
Not easy for Elijah or any of us -
but he is so worth it!!!

So proud of our sweet boy!!!

And he was proud of himself too!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Back in the game!!!

Guess who is healing sooo incredibly well 
that he gets to get back to 
regular activities!!!

Ohhh yea!!! 

Hero Hagan!!!!  

Ohhhh yes, 
we have official word!!

He is released 
and able to join his friends in PE and recess!!!

God is so good!!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

A new boy!

So, y'all know how much I admire Hagan!

If you have been around this blog for any amount of time,
you know that 
he is our medical miracle for sure!!

And look at him now...

2 months out of school,
4 months in a back brace...

our boy was becoming complacent.
He never whined about his circumstances,
but he also knew that it was too hard to 
do many things -
so really,
he became a couch potato!

But look at him now!!

Leader of the pack!

He's walking to school with the rest of them!!
(actually Hagan is running to school - 
he has to take at least 2 steps for every step the other kids take)

So proud of our little man!

He was nervous about going back to school -

but ohhh how happy he is to be with his friends!

He loves to play 4 square outside with our kids and the neighbor kids.

He truly has a new spunk that I've never seen in him!

He's never felt so good!
We had hoped to not have to do this surgery for a few years - 
but I think we made the right choice!


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