Thursday, October 23, 2014

surgery scheduled, prayers appreciated!

I love when we can go to doctor appointments 
and I can tell Hagan,
"they are just going to look- 
no owies today!"

Unfortunately, this appointment won't be like that.
We had to schedule Hagan's 
surgery sooner than later.
We had first hoped that he would not need 
this surgery until he was 9 years old,
but Hagan's body is showing signs that he needs 
to have it done now, before more damage is done. 

Hagan will be having T-11 thru L3 fusion.
Here is the youtube video that shows 
what they will be doing.

His surgery is scheduled for November 5th.

Prior to the surgery we need to do another sleep study,
he is still having severe sleep apnea.
We have had to find a new sleep specialist,
as the other specialist wasn't taking 
his situation seriously. 

We are thankful that God lead us to a doctor
(just a few miles away),
who was horrified by his previous sleep study results. 
She taking his care very seriously
and wants to do anything they can for us -
prior to his surgery. 

The recovery will be a rough one but Hagan is a strong boy!

We appreciate y'all's prayers as we prepare,
and prepare Hagan for this rough one.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

"...Like you borned me"

Jailyn can just hit a momma's heart 
just right!! 

The other night she came to snuggle with me and said,

thank you for loving me just like you 
borned me."

Sweet girl!!
I forget that I didn't "borned" her! 
She's always been in my heart!

 Jesus borned her in my heart.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Happy Fall Y'all!!!

A day off of school...

 Windy, rainy day,

perfect for pumpkin decorating!!

Such focus!

Monday, October 13, 2014

special time

We were blessed to have our amazing social worker 
join us at our local adoption meeting...
she asked me a question that really hit home,
(she is always good at this!)

She asked me if it's easier for me to make sure
I give special one on one time with my kids 
who have attachment issues,
and am I spending time with the "easy" ones.

I thought I was! 

But, when I really think of it -
we are often in crisis mode 
with some of our kids
and this takes time away from the "easy" kids.

I am so thankful that this question was asked of me,
and remind me to take the time every day...
even with the "easy" kids!!

Even if it is homework time,

or doing my daily chores!

Donovan loves to cook!
I do not like to cook! 
I love the help! 
and really he'll be teaching me soon!

See what I mean,
we are always learning and I am always apologizing to my kids!
Thankfully they are very forgiving!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Never giving up!!!

We will never give up on our boy! 

Patiently taking the time to get this through 
his head, heart and soul! 

But look!!!!
Since the school is taking the TBRI approach
with him... 
Good reports!! 

Texts and emails from his teacher like this - just make me cry!!

E earned a gold ticket for positive character traits!

E hugged a friend and said he would share with him!

E hugged his teacher!

He is having another great day.  And if he finishes the day earning his goal or higher, then tomorrow during recess he has chosen to join his gen. ed. Class for outside recess.  He has been working hard for this since we decided on it last Friday.  I'm very proud of how he's doing, not only behaviorally, but also academically.

He is setting goals now and wants to be successful!
He desires to have friends and to BE a friend.

Way to go Elijah!!
He met his goal yesterday and gets to go to recess with General Ed!!
I'm so proud of my boy!!
I've never met a harder worker!

Monday, October 6, 2014

my little hero!!!

My boy is sooo strong 
sooo amazing!!! 

He has taught me sooo many lessons,
and yesterday 
he brought me to tears!!

Yesterday was Bike Rodeo day at school!
All the kids were excited!! 

When we got to the school and Hagan saw all the other 
kids and their bikes,
he started crying.
(Hagan doesn't cry, unless there is something really upsetting him.)

His bike is different then everyone else's.
He was afraid that he had a baby bike.

After about an hour of tears,
he was able to go to class,
be loved on by his teacher,
(who is absolutely wonderful!)

I went home and couldn't focus on anything else - 
because my heart hurt so badly for him,
and I was so fearful that he would think I abandoned him.

I went to the school when it was his classes turn for the Bike Rodeo,
and hid from him.
I wanted to see if he would participate or not,
we totally told him that he didn't have to do it if he didn't want too. 

Out of the school he came with all of his friends,
with his helmet on!!! 

My eyes started tearing up!! 
Soooo proud of my boy!!! 

He got to his bike,
 a volunteer got him all set,
and off he went!!!

I was soooo proud of him!!! 

When he came home, 
he was so excited to tell me how he got to play 
and it was so much fun!!

I'm so proud of my boy!!
Fear keeps us from so many things! 
If we don't try, we may regret it!

Be like Hagan and don't let fear hold you back!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

a letter to parents

So, I wanted to send out a letter to our grade level parents
at the beginning of the school year,
in order to put questions at rest about Hagan.

We were denied the request,
but were told that we could put it on FB and my blog.
Soooo, since it is Dwarfism Awareness -
this is what I will do! 

We are hoping that this information will put to rest 
any rumors or talking behind his back,
but encourage education and discussion. 
Kids are naturally curious - which is awesome,
adults, on the other hand, can be rude and insensitive!

Have I ever told y'all how much I love this kiddo!!! 

and can't wait to get his little brother home too!!
I can't really go into that right now, 
but if you want information on Miles' situation,
please feel free to contact me privately. 

Hi Parents of Kindergarteners,

We wanted to introduce our son and ourselves to you.  We are Bryan and Jodi Anderson, daddy and momma to 9 amazing kiddos.  We have 3 biological kiddos and 6 precious kiddos adopted internationally.  Our son Hagan is in kindergarten this year.  We are writing this to you because out of natural curiosity, we are sure many of your children will be interested in Hagan. 

Hagan was born in China and has been home with us for 1 ½ years.   Hagan is a crazy kiddo, loves to laugh, play, and learn just like any other kindergartener.   Though Hagan loves to do everything that every other 6 year old likes to do, he just does things much slower.

Hagan was born with Achondroplasia Dwarfism.  He is a “Little Person”.  In our home we prefer the terms “little person”, “short stature” or “dwarf” but the term “midget” or “baby” is derogatory and unappreciated.   We also use “average height” as opposed to “normal height” for people without dwarfism.

Achondroplasia Dwarfism is one of 200 distinct types of dwarfism, and the most common form of dwarfism.  Most people with Achondroplasia Dwarfism are very healthy.  Hagan’s body is very special and very complex.  In the short time he has been home he has had numerous doctor appointments, sleep studies and surgeries and will be having more surgeries this school year.

Hagan does not like to be picked up like a baby, does not want to sit in someone’s lap, does not want to be carried by anyone but Mom and Dad.  He is everything every other 6 year old boy is.

Hagan does fall often while walking.  But very rarely hurts himself.  He usually pops right back up.   He does walk slower then others because of his short legs and because of the medical issues that he has in his back.  Hagan is so excited to begin school and can’t wait to meet your kids and have more friends. 

We wanted to write y’all this letter so that you can help your child understand that Hagan is a normal 6 year old boy, just shorter then most 6 year olds.  We hope that this letter will help discourage any teasing that may occur.  We are looking forward to a great kindergarten year at Minshew Elementary.   If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Truly Blessed,
Bryan and Jodi 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sassy turns 9!

She is all sass!!!

I can't believe my baby is 9!

And she is one very excited 9 year old!!

Happy Birthday to our sweet,
sassy sister!!

We love you Jailyn Hope!

Monday, September 29, 2014

First reaction...

My boy is such a big brother!

It warms my heart to see him 
in his big brother roll...

and other times it breaks my heart.
He took care of a lot of the little kiddo's
in the orphanage, including his little brother,
and often times he 
falls back into this roll.

When one of the other boys wakes in the middle of the night 
his first reaction is to take care of them,
hold them,
soothe them,
rock them,
be silly with them,
and just plain love on them...

but he forgets,
that he can get momma and daddy.
He doesn't have to do that on his own.

I am so thankful for our sweet Donovan 
who wrestles like crazy with his brothers,
but loves them 
with big brother love!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

ohhh - you can't do that!!

He wasn't supposed to do this kinda stuff!!

 Cause you know, 
when you have little arms,
and little fingers,
there are limits in life!

But seriously,
Griggsy doesn't know this - 
so, let's not tell him!!

He looks like he is enjoying doing what 
he's not supposed to do!

Proud boy!!

Monday, September 22, 2014

50 friends for 20 days

To help us bring Maklayne and Miles home
we are doing a quick fundraiser!

We have thrown around the idea of doing
 garage sales,
selling crafts,
selling t-shirts,
selling jewelry,
having bake sales,
restaurant fund raisers,
even thought about organizing a FUN RUN...

but time and talent leave us empty handed!  

So, we thought it would just be fun to get y'all involved 
with bringing our babies home -
by just supporting us,
and sharing $20 to help us bring our precious babies home!

So, from tomorrow until Oct 15th,
we will be having a 
50 friends a day,
for 20 days,
donate 20 dollars campaign. 
Our goal is $20,000.

I know, but our God is bigger then 20K!

We have over half of our funds raised through 
Jodi's part time Plexus income,
adding Miles to our adoption process 
increases our fee's. 

To help share - 
you can link to our gofund page:

Thank you so much for your love, prayers and your support!!
feel free to share with your friends too!

Friday, September 19, 2014

It's not her, it's me...

This little missy has taught me ooohhh sooo much!! 
And the number one lesson is -
it's not her, it's me!!

I mean the problem is not her,
it's me!
and how I react,
how I correct, 
how I respond to her!

Jorja will be the first to tell you that her and momma 
had a rough start,
and a rough few years... 
but wow!! 
(we actually laugh about it now!
and that is wonderful medicine!)

What a change this girly has made!
Because momma has changed!!

Of course it's a team effort,
but the day that I never thought I would see - 
is here!! 

We are even having adult friends tell us how Jorja has matured.

We are so proud of her,
learning how to trust,
how to grow,
learning to speak up for herself appropriately,
and take correction as a learning process
how to work on healing together!

It's been loooong!
For her and me! 
But we will never quit on each other!

She is growing into a beautiful young lady
who is learning to understand with her heart and her mind
that family is here for the long haul!
No matter what!
We don't judge - we work through.
We don't need to be perfect - but we need to be honest.

She is finding herself.
Working on not needing to please everyone else,
but learning what makes Jorja happy, appropriately. 

 I can't tell y'all what Dr. Pruvis' bubble gum exercise 
has done to build trust between Jorja and I!!!
She began to trust that I would say "yes" 
and I learned
that I can say "yes".
A lesson I needed to learn!!! 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Restored hope

The last few days have been hard!
I mean really hard!

Losing hope that my boy will ever make sense of his pain. 

Losing hope that Satan will ever let go of my boy!

Losing hope that my boy will ever know true peace. 

Losing hope that our community will ever work with us as a team
To help us do all we can do!  

Today, I was able to meet with our school district specialists.
I, of course, was nervous that they would shoot down
The strategies that we use at home. 
But thanks to your prayers - 
We are working together for the sake of Elijah!

They understand now why I had to pull him out of public school 
Last year, rather than transferring him to the special ed class
That he is in now. 

They loved the strategies that we have in place, 
And want to use our strategies and our vocabulary!!
They accepted the newest DVD from Dr Karyn Purvis, 
And wanted to learn more about her research! 

We still have a long way to go with my boy,
But working as a team is sooooo important!! 

#1 change in Elijah's schedule is more food.
Which is often his trigger for an episode. 
So, even though he gets a protein filled breakfast at home,
His teacher will also give him some food when he arrives at school. 
Praying this helps his anxiety of not having food,
And building trust with his teacher.

We know that we have a long way to go
And a lot if decisions to be made,
But we also know that 
God has us just where we need to be - 
On our knees before Him, 
As He loves our boy more than we ever will.

Prayers are always welcome as we continue to help 
our son heal.

Monday, September 15, 2014


I find it almost unbelievable that my Elijah turned 7 yesterday!

My little guy who
didn't understand until Saturday
that his birthday was on Sunday.

My little guy who struggles to believe 
that anyone would care enough about him 
to take an entire day to celebrate him.

My little guy who fights for power, 
was able to surrender his fears and anger
for the day,
and allow us to love on him,
and he loved on us.

My little guy who everyday struggles 
with grief and such horrible loss,
that rarely,
do any of us know what to do for him.

My little guy who when he lets down his guard,
gives the biggest, most affectionate hugs!
My little guy who let's out the biggest belly laughs!
And embraces life with joy 
like I have never seen.

My boy who has taught me how to rethink my 
parenting strategies. 
Who has a place so deep in my heart that I hurt
With the pain that haunts him.

My little boy who has changed my life in so many ways,
turned seven years old.
My little boy, who for the first time since being home 
for 3 years
cried out of deep, intense fear, but didn't run away- 
Instead ran to my arms as his safe place. 

My little boy,
who is daily trying to trust mom and dad,
and who one day will understand the love of family. 
Through the healing hand of Jesus Christ
Elijah will understand what an amazing,
incredible boy he is
and how incredibly loved he truly is,
by his family and by our God and Savior. 


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