Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Snow ice-cream!

You can say I am genius!!


You can see me for who I really am -
a busy momma who totally forgot that I saved some 
snow in the freezer to 
make Snow Ice Cream...

either way - 
it worked great!!

Just when the kids are disappointed that 
the snow is all gone...

Mom pulled out the big guns!!!

sure made my kiddos feel better when their snowman when from this...

to this...

Like any one who has tried Plexus supplements - 
you loose your head over these products and 
can't keep it to yourself,
and of course, look at our snowman waist!!

Skinny Snowman now!! 

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Spring Photos!

Last week the kids schools had spring photo day.

I am just too cheap to buy those photos!

Maybe I'm actually being a good steward of our funds...
yes, we'll say that!! 

Over the past few days I was able to get some 
much more fun 
spring photos -

and I didn't have to spend 
maga bucks to get not very good photos.

We sure don't see real snow very often in Texas - 
and after an ice storm earlier in the week,
we were so very excited to get a few inches of 
real snow!!!!

Conner wasn't too into photos,
but at least the kids got him out to help them 
build their snowman!

 Love the snowman's mohawk!!!

We really had given up hope on getting real snow this year!!
What a fun surprised!!! 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Photos never meant so much

One of the hard things about adoption,
is knowing that you have missed so much 
in the life of your child.

Though Miles is only 2 years old,
I wonder what he looked like as a baby.

I admit, I look at the photos of babies on one of our dwarfism groups 
and I wonder if Miles looked like any 
of these beautiful babies!!

Well, two nights ago I got the most amazing gift!

Miles had spent a short time of his life at
Little Flowers home in Beijing China.

Sweetly, they sent us photos of our boy while 
he was in their care.
(I'm still trying to find out why he was there
for that time period, 
but I'm sure those answers will come!)

For now,
I gush over my beautiful baby Miles John...

I'm in love!!!

Ohhhhh I can't stand the cuteness!!!

our first thumb sucker!

Doesn't he look pretty in pink?!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

2 years ago...

Two years ago 
these two amazing boys walked into our life!

 Love at first sight!

at least for dad and mom it was!

Melt my heart!!!

And have been shaking it up ever since!!!

Never did I imagine on that day 
that we would be where we are today!

These two boys love being loved!

They love teasing each other and their siblings!

They love being independent!

They love knowing that what they say,

and how they feel and what they have to say...

really does matter!!

We are so thankful to call these boys our sons!
Forever blessed!!

Monday, February 23, 2015


Happy Chinese New Year
from our Chinese cuties!!

 This was the first time Hagan would put his 
traditional Chinese outfit on 
since being home for 2 years!

And he immediately,
went into karate mode!!

Griggs thought that was a great idea!

These two just melt my heart!!

Look at these beauties!!
Wow!! Have they grown!!

Sweet sisters!!!

And the whole gang!!!
Next trip to China I need to stock up on more outfits!

Anyone going to Ethiopia who can get me some
traditional outfits too?
Elijah and Donovan tried their on... 
they were a tad small!!! 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

690 days...

It's been 690 days since I first laid eyes on this photo of 
our son...

I knew at first glance 
my heart dropped 
I knew that he was my boy!! 

But he wasn't paper ready,
and we weren't ready either.

He had been placed at 
Little Flowers for a short time,

and was then returned to his orphanage,
and placed in a foster family.

We thought we'd never see him again...
but when we did - 
we fought for him!
God used people who didn't even know we were looking for him,
to help us find him!!! 
(Kelsey Melvin, you will always be my hero!!)

And the Lord open doors for us to see his file,
and ask permission from China for us to 
be his forever family!

This last month has been hard...

just missing our kiddos 
and knowing that we are months 
away from holding them.

I decided to look at Little Flowers photos again
to see if there were any other photos of him.

And look what I found! 

(taken July 2013 - Miles is 1 year and 2 months old here)

A photo that I hadn't ever seen before!!!

Ohhhh this sweet lips!!! 
and chubby ankles!!!
Be still my heart!!!

Ohhhh my sweet boy!!!!!
Praying we hold you soon!!!
Thank you Jesus for a glimpse of my little guy!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

pieces of the puzzle!

As we take every hill and valley 
on this adoption roller coaster...

we try to fit every piece of the puzzle together!
to get these two home!

But we need your help! 

We would love for you to be a part of our journey
of bringing Laynee and Miles home!

We have this very cool puzzle,
which we will be putting together step by step,
piece by piece.

With every $10 donation we will add your name to the 
back of the puzzle piece 
and Laynee and Miles 
will know how loved they are because so many 
people helped bring them home to us!

It is a 1000 piece puzzle-
so there are plenty of pieces for everyone!

Our goal is to raise $10,000 to help pay for the 
remaining fee's needed to bring our babies home!

You can donate through our paypal account 
on the upper sidebar on the blog. 
or if you would like to donate personally,
you can email me at soccermom@tx.rr.com.

We truly appreciate your prayers and support!
We can't wait to hold these two!! 

Though I may not put them down once 
I finally have them in my arms!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


You've got to be kidding me!!! 

I can't believe this little peanut,
who walked into our family -
at almost 5 years old is 

She is one confident
e.l.e.v.e.n. year old!

Learning how to lead the pack of 
that look up to her!

Jorja loves to play soccer!

And loves that Dad is her coach!

She loves the quiet drives to and from practice with Dad,
and loves 
helping mom in the kitchen.
(some of our best chats are in the kitchen!)

I can't believe how quickly she is growing up -
thankfully her body is still little -
it's easier for momma to accept 
that she is 11!!!! 

Happy Birthday sweet girl!
And like your new bracelet says,
"If daughters were flowers I would have picked you."

Of course, like you said,
"I must be a flower -
because you did pick me!"

Kenzie joined via FaceTime!

That's right girlie!! 
Bloom where God has planted you!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Okay friends, I have another huge prayer request!!

This is about something that have been going on for 17+ months 
and innocent children are the ones who are being hurt!

Presently, there are over 500 children in the Congo who are waiting on their families.
These are not just children who are waiting to be found by their adoptive, forever families,
but children who have been matched, 
who have met, 
who have spent time with 
their forever families.
These children know that there is a family for them.  
These children are caught up in politics that they cannot understand.
All they know is that once again, 
someone has given up on them.

I know the pain that sending photos to Jorja too soon in our 
adoption journey to her did to her.
She continues to doubt that I will keep her safe, 
because I didn't keep her safe.
She still believes that she can conquer the world on her own, 
because that is what 
she had to do for too long.

If any of you have adopted from a country that requires two visits - 
you know the anguish
on both parents and children when you have to leave them from that first trip.
For us we were back in Ethiopia to our boys within weeks -
 and that was horrible for all of us...
and slowed our bonding and trust building!
But these children and families have been apart for over 500 days!!

My dear friends Kelly and Taylor Brewer began their adoption process through the Congo in
January of 2013.

They were matched with their boys in March 2013.

(they couldn't show their full faces -  because they weren't legally their children yet.)

They became the legal parents of Liam and Hank Brewer in May 2013!

Both the Congo and the USA agree and have signed paperwork 
that makes this adoption legal and binding.

The problem is that the Brewer's (and 500 other children)
are missing one piece of paper - 
EXIT Visa's for the boys to leave the Congo.
One little signature from immigration!
They have waited for this signature for over 17 months!!

Here is Liam now...

And Hank...

They have grown so much  
over the past 17 months!!!

The Brewer's are incredibly thankful to their agency 
for the good care that their boys have received,
but n.o.t.h.i.n.g. 
compares to the love of a family!

Please pray for these children who are STUCK in the Congo!!! 
Pray with us that this ban will be lifted and these children can get home where they belong!!

These families also ask that you take the time to sign this petition!!
It just takes a second,
but shows how many people are on their knees in prayer for these families.


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